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The Landlord is responsible for insuring the building. However, general home buildings and contents insurance isn’t always adequate cover for all third party risks that you could encounter as a Landlord. Having specialist Landlord insurance ensures you limit your exposure to risk, protecting your financial wellbeing. Buttercup Lettings are pleased to recommend ‘A’ Plan Insurance and will provide their contact details to you as a matter of course. As tenants need to insure their own contents, we similarly provide details for them. However, they are of course free to use any reputable company.


Just over two months before the end of the tenancy, we will approach the tenant to enquire if he would like to renew his agreement. If he does, we will enquire if you also wish to renew and will advise you if we think a rent increase is appropriate. With both parties in agreement a new document will be prepared for signature. If the tenant decides not to renew, we then have the last two months of the tenancy to find a new, suitable tenant for your property.


Everyone's circumstances differ, but basically if you are a UK Landlord, your rental income is taxable with certain expenses deductible. You should take advice from your accountant or adviser. If you are non-UK resident, you will need to obtain an exemption certificate to prevent tax being deducted.

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